Flex-It was developed to be safe for everyone. It's natural to have questions so feel free to look at these frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please reach out to us and we will be happy to put your mind and body at ease!

Flex-It is made from just a few powerful ingredients such as Magnesium Chloride, Propyl Ethylene Glycol, Water and Aloe.

At the moment, Flex-It can only be purchased on Amazon. We’re looking to expand, so check back soon!

Flex-It is safe for most people but not recommended for use on children or those with extremely dry or sensitive skin. The magnesium chloride can dry out your skin, but we’ve added aloe vera to help combat this problem!

Flex-It is great for anyone with chronic muscle and joint pain. Providing excellent pain relief for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or even after a long day of yardwork. Flex-It also helps to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis by acting as a lubricant for the bones.

Flex-It is designed for external use only and is not to be consumed. Do not apply Flex-it to open wounds or sores. 

Flex-It may leave a white film on the skin that can be easily washed off with water. This is just the Magnesium Chloride, similar to the residue left in your bathtub after using Epsom salts. 



Clinical Pharmacist